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Minnesota, being one of two states that required couples to wait five days to receive their marriage license after applying for one, has decided to make a change. As of August 12016, couples can now receive their license the same day they apply. Whether you are a Minnesota resident or a non-Minnesota resident looking to get married in the Twin Cities, here is how this simple law helps make planning a little easier.

  • No need to make multiple trips – there was a lot of traveling involved if you did not know about the five day wait period. You would make the trip to apply for the license and a trip to pick it up five days later.
  • Less stress – since Minnesota was only one of two states with this law, you probably wouldn’t think twice about it. So if you were only planning on being in Minnesota for a day, that can put a lot of unnecessary stress on your shoulders.
  • No need to plan around the license – many of you who are planning to come to Minnesota for your wedding would plan around the marriage license. Your trips to visit the venue, get your license, cake tasting, etc. just got cut in half.

Who would have known that a five day wait period could be so inconvenient for those planning their wedding from afar? Thanks to the new law in place, many couples who were hesitant to host their wedding weekend here, can now do so without the complication of the five-day waiting period.

Getting married in the next 6 months? Head to the sites linked below to file for a marriage license in: Hennepin County    Ramsey County    Washington County

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