Dreaming up a wedding day involves three main parts: planning, design, and execution. During planning, we’ll help you make all the key logistical decisions like when and where you’re going to get married, and who you’ll hire for your creative dream team. We’ll also offer etiquette advice, vet vendors for you, and help you come up with a cohesive look during the design phase. Design involves coming up with a visual look for your event that reflects your personal style and makes your event unique to you. As your event designer, This Love Weddings will help you develop this aesthetic and turn it into reality (with the help of other creative vendors). We begin production on design once the design guide has been approved. Finally, execution is when all of your planning and designs are implemented. When it comes to your wedding — one of the pinnacle celebrations in your life and probably the most expensive party you’ll ever throw — we always recommend hiring an experienced wedding planner like This Love Weddings who can create a celebration of a lifetime.


What’s involved in planning a wedding?

Church and venue coordinators are people who work for the best interest of the church or event space where you’re hosting your wedding. They can help you plan out details for your big day (often for an added fee), but their priority will always be how to best serve the venue or church where they work, rather than best serving you as a couple. At times, there’s often high turnover in these positions, meaning you might end up working with several church coordinators or venue coordinators over your wedding planning experience. Meanwhile, a wedding planner like This Love Weddings works with you directly. Our job is to look out for your best interest, including prioritizing your vision over what other wedding professionals may want. It’s important to note that many premier wedding venues in the Twin Cities require a wedding coordinator. 


What’s the difference between a wedding planner, venue coordinator, and church coordinator?

We love working with all types of couples, but there’s a special place in our hearts for couples who are planning their wedding in the Twin Cities from afar, and for couples planning a multicultural wedding. Both types of affairs involve complicated logistics that could make anyone’s head spin. To us, though, these kinds of logistical challenges make our hearts flutter. We want all of our clients to feel empowered, and it’s our pleasure to point you in the right direction during planning with our expert knowledge and etiquette advice. 


What is your specialty at This Love Weddings?

This Love Weddings serves all couples — of any color, any creed, any age, any sexual orientation. We are especially equipped to help couples who are planning a wedding in the Twin Cities from afar, and those planning multicultural celebrations.

We love to travel and have connections across the country to offer support for your special event. There are Destination rates available. Schedule a Meet & Greet to learn more.  

For couples with smaller budgets or wedding locations beyond the Twin Cities who are looking for an alternative option, we’re delighted to serve you through our shop, which is filled with resources created by our expert wedding planning team. 


Who does This Love Weddings serve?

Award-winning wedding planner Faith Folayan, CWP, leads the This Love Weddings team. She founded the company (formerly Urbane Montage Events) in 2009. There is also a Wedding Manager, several wedding assistants — who help plan and execute your event — and wedding concierges — who serve as a personal assistant to the wedding party on wedding day — on the team. 

This Love Weddings will have a wedding manager and a signature wedding concierge on-site on wedding day to help get everything ready for the festivities. Depending on which offering you booked and your event date, Faith or a highly-skilled wedding manager will be executing your wedding plans. This information will be disclosed no later than two months prior to your wedding day. Your wedding day team from This Love Weddings will be involved in coordinating your wedding day details from the moment you accept our proposal and pay your retainer.


Who is on your team? Who will be at my wedding?

A good event designer can adapt to any aesthetic, and that’s our goal as your wedding designer. Still, all of our designs have a clean look that embraces white space and intentionality, and a strong sense of style that’s both on-trend and timeless. The end result is a look that represents you as a couple and will still look chic in photos decades later. Event design is included in our Wedding Management & Design and Complete Wedding Planning offerings.


What is your design aesthetic?

This Love Weddings has always been a digital-first firm. We love using next-generation technology to make wedding planning easy, convenient and collaborative. We send all of our proposals, agreements and invoices electronically, and use a wedding management software to keep track of all of your wedding details in one place. Technology also makes our services inclusive to the disabled community. If you have any special needs that technology can help accommodate, please let us know.


What tools do you use?

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