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Picture Perfect: Post Production

by Mai Li

Choosing a Wedding Photographer based on post production

Generally, it can take about 4 to 6 weeks for the photographer to prepare proofs for you to view. However, it is a good idea to ask your photographer how long their post production and processing normally takes. Photographers must go through hundreds of images, select the best ones, and finally edit them. You can even ask your photographer what they generally do to the images before you see them!

Depending on what your collection includes, photographers take the time to ensure quality products are delivered to you. Sometimes, certain extra editing features cost more or can be included in your collection.

Ultimately, only you and your fiancé can use your best judgments to select the right photographer for your wedding. We’ve shared various aspects of selecting a photographer that you can take into consideration. It’s important to think about how you want your special day captured and images delivered to you.

Tip: Feel free to write an online review and refer photographers,  if you are happy with the service and products received! It’s a great way to let others know about your experience and what they should expect.

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Picture Perfect: Photographer Personality

by Mai Li

Choosing a Wedding Photographer based on personality

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When it comes to personality, know that you are selecting more than just a photographer to take photos for your wedding weekend. You are choosing a photographer who will spend majority of the time with your friends and family capturing every monument that is important to you! After researching and narrowing down your choices to a couple of photographers, it is time to sit down and meet with them.

It is important to gauge how passionate your photographer is about your wedding. Does he or she get excited when you talk about your venue, style, or vision for the day? Is the photographer involved in the discussion? Does he or she ask questions or make suggestions for photographs? It might even be a good idea to ask the photographer if he or she has shot a wedding similar location!

At your meeting, it’s usually a good idea to look at their wedding albums. Be sure to ask to see photos from receptions, if these images are generally not included in the albums shared. Don’t forget to ask if he or she will be your actual photographer or if it will be one of his or her associates. If it is not the photographer you originally spoke to, be sure to sit down and meet with the individual capturing your day.

Working with a photographer whose personality blends well with your own (and your future spouse’s!) influences the outcome of the images. We recommend having an engagement session to establish a better relationship with your wedding photographer.  It’s important to feel comfortable with the photographer prior to the day of the wedding so you know that they can effectively capture emoting images. Do you both feel that you like, trust, and get along with this photographer? 

Ultimately, you need to go with your gut on making this decision. Use your awareness and best judgment to determine whether or not this photographer would be a great fit for you and your fiancé.

Picture Perfect: Photography Pricing

by Mai Li

Choosing a Wedding Photographer Based on Pricing


In order to determine a price range, it is important to be sure of what you definitely want. Think about how many prints, albums, and extras you want for yourselves as well as for friends and family.

There are four categories for services and packages in professional wedding photography including budget, moderate, upscale, and luxury.
Budget: under $1,000
Moderate: $1,000 – $3,000
Upscale: $3,000 – $5,000
Luxury: $5,000+

Although it can be difficult to determine an exact dollar cost, you can ask the photographer about their standard hourly fee, packages, and special offers. Then, you should discuss costs of products you are interested in, such as albums or framed pieces. Be sure to compare the various packages that they offer, and think about any additional extras such as a bridal portrait or boudoir session you may want. It’s a good idea to ask if you can create your own customized package if packages offered doesn’t quite fit your needs.

There are numerous components that are included in package pricing. To name a few, prints, cost of travel, experience level, equipment used, and amount of post production work all go into the price of your photographer.
Don’t forget, you’ll want your photographer there for the full day of your wedding. There are countless moments that you will want captured from getting ready, to your ceremony, to your final exit!

If you want to print images for yourselves, you will have to buy the copyrights to the various images. Policies vary, so be sure to ask your photographer about theirs!

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